Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All About the Food

Me with my favorite Malaysian dish. It's amazing. You'd be blown away. They're called Watan noodles, and they're these long flat noodles saturated in this delicious sauce with a bunch of egg (cooked) all mixed in. Very savoury, very delicious.
A member sent me these pictures. I have no idea why she sent this one. But it's kind of a good example of what it looks like to eat at a hawker stall in Malaysia. That's some delicious cili (chili) sauce I'm reaching for right there. Good food.
*Every* event in Malaysia is followed by food. So here's our after baptism food. Rice, doughtnuts, and some curry. Yum.
Here's Elder Porter and I eating at a resturaunt randomly owned by a American in Ipoh. It claims to be the only authentic American food in Ipoh, but ironically we went there because it's like the only place we've heard of to get Mexican food. We're dying for Mexican food. I'm telling you, South America is completely unrepresented here. It's the only culture missing. So, here we are about to enjoy some fairly delicious burritos.
Elder Porter and I enjoying some food. Unfortunately our picture is blurred or else you could view my awesome skills at eating with a fork and spoon (which is what you eat everything with here. The spoon is much more important here than in America). I'm a pro now.

With a member.

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  1. that all looks yummy, and kevin looks great! loving the blog. :)