Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Zone Conference

Halo Keluargaku,

So, P-Day got moved this week because it's *Drumroll please*.... Zone Conference! Surprise! It's ok, I'm sure you won't be disappointed to get an e-mail two days early, and I'm definitely not disappointed since Zone Conference's P-Day is all day instead of ending at 6:30 like all the other P-Days. Woohoo! So it sounds like maybe we'll be going to a waterfall south of Ipoh today. I'll make sure to take lots of pictures.

So, Zone Conference means the Elders from all over have all come down to Ipoh. We have 10 sleeping in our apartment now, and let me tell you, it's crazy. We have mattresses spread all over the floor and luggage taking up every spare bit of space left. Super fun though. I still haven't ever lived in an apartment with more than 2 Elders in it, so it's always a cool experience getting to get together with all the guys for a few days.

So, yesterday night people started to arrive, today is our all day P-Day, and tomorrow we'll be having our training with President, Sister Clark and the APs, which should just be a treat. Zone Conferences are actually a blast. By Wednesday we'll be trying to piece together our week and get back to work, which is always kind of an experience. It'll be worth it though. Zone Conference is the best!

I got to talk to some of the Elders from my MTC group serving in Indonesia this week! Crazy, huh? It turns out they were in Singapore for a visa run, so I found out who they were staying with and gave them a call. It was awesome for sure, I didn't think I'd get to talk to any of them until after the mission. It sounds like they're doing really well. Indonesia is a totally different place for sure. You would think that being so close we'd have really similar mission experiences, huh? Not true though. Sounds like pretty much everything is totally different there!

Anyway, things are still going really well here. Elder Porter and I are working very hard and having a lot of success. So, onward and upward, huh? It's such a testimony to me that 19-21 year old kids can come out here and make this work happen, all with very little supervision, but it happens. That's the beauty of the gospel. When you're on the right team, you're bound to win, right?

Hope things are still going well at home! I love you all so much!!

Talk to you soon!

Elder Blissett (Kevin)

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