Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Last e-mail!!!

Halo Keluargaku,

Well, this is it, the last e-mail! Isn't that crazy? It sure feels wild how fast the time has flown. It's totally unreal to me at this point that I'm even going home though. It still just feels like a regular P-Day. I think it probably won't hit me until I get on the plane. Anyway, it's definitely sad to leave. I think I'll probably end up missing Malaysia and the awesome people here for the rest of my life, but I'm excited to see everyone again and move on with the next phase of my life too. It's just kind of how things go, right? And I'm definitely grateful that just because I get released as a missionary doesn't mean that my missionary work is done! It's one of the great privileges of our lives to get to share the gospel with other people. The Lord always blesses us far more than our investment of time or energy ever warrants. I'm grateful for facebook too! Even going home doesn't mean that I'll have to lose contact with the people back here.

Well, as far as the work, I think we finally found the miracle investigator that we've been looking for for so long. We met this awesome kid from Sabah the other day and had our first sit down lesson with him. He's really great, accepted everything and actually asked us three times to take him to church on Sunday. he's staying with another guy who is really interested in learning too. Both have already kept their commitment to read from the Book of Mormon and it's looking like things are going to work out just great. It's awesome to see one more time how the Lord does his own work. We definitely didn't do anything to warrant getting such an awesome investigator, but sometimes Heavenly Father just gives you a referral and things work out just the way that they should.

In the ongoing chronicles of trying to get all the exotic foods I can before I go home, last week I had stingray! It was actually really delicious, not at all a fishy taste and a great meal. So I think that was the end of my food adventures down here as I don't know any places here in JB where I can finish off my exotic food wish list. I only had two items remaining, "biawak" and "ular sawa" (you can look those up in google translator if you really want to know what they are :D), but I guess I'll just have to save those for another adventure.

We're going up to KL for one more meeting tomorrow, and then it will be off to Singapore on Monday for exit interviews and our final dinner with President Clark. Tuesday morning we get on the plane and we're off to America (I can't believe you knew about my flight plans two months ago! I'm glad you didn't mention it to me at that point actually :D).

In the end, I already miss Malaysia, but I've had an awesome mission (more than I ever earned). I'm so grateful that I've been able to be part of the Lord's work in building up the kingdom in some small way out here. It's been the greatest privilege of my life to be a full-time missionary! I love this gospel and I've loved sharing it with other people. Thanks so much for all of your support back home. I couldn't have made it without all of you!

I love you all so much! See you in a week!

Love you!
Elder Blissett

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