Thursday, April 7, 2011

A New (Old) Companion

Well, this week was kind of crazy, but to make a long story short, I'm getting another new companion. Kind of... Elder Gott is stuck in Singapore now with some visa issues, and so now they're going to send Elder Lang to be my new companion in KL. I don't know if you'll remember or not, but Elder Lang was actually my companion in the MTC, so it's kind of fun to have a companionship part 2. I'm really excited to get to work with him, it's gonna be awesome. So, being on exchanges waiting to get a companion has meant that in the last week I was only actually able to spend about 2 hours in my area. I couldn't even go to church in my own branch since I was on exchanges in Melaka. Definitely a crazy part of my mission. I have some great news though. We've definitely seen the power of prayer and the priesthood in our area this last week. You'll remember ***'s father who was so sick in the hospital last week, couldn't talk, couldn't walk, couldn't do anything. Well, today he's going back home apparently completely recovered. I haven't met him yet, but one of our investigators called to say that he's back to normal, walking and talking and the whole works. What a miracle! It's funny, the blessing that we gave him kind of suggested that he would get better so that he'd be able to return to his duties as a father, but I have to admit, I think my faith was a little bit weak to see such a miraculous result. It's really awesome. Thanks so much for your prayers too, I know that that's made a big difference. Well, hopefully we'll be watching conference this weekend, but I heard that it's delayed in at least some parts of Malaysia because the DVDs haven't arrived yet. Hopefully they get to KL, I'm really excited to hear what everyone has to say. It's true, Conference is a little bit like Christmas on your mission. Other than that, there's not a lot going on! All the elders in the zone are doing well. We played a few hours of badminton today (which surprisingly enough is like the national sport of Malaysia) and had a lot of fun. Turns out badminton is one of my favorite sports, so who would have guessed, huh? Thanks again so much for all your prayers. We'll need them for the next couple of weeks building the area back up with a new companionship, but I think things are going to go really well. I love you all! I'll talk to you soon! Love you! Elder Blissett

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