Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kota Kinabalu

This week I'm writing you from lovely Kota Kinabalu way up on the northern half of Sabah. It's zone conference, so we and the Sandakan Elders took the quick 45 minute flight up here, are staying for a couple of days and heading back tomorrow night! I'm pretty excited to be here actually, KK is really pretty. Lots of nice beaches and a bigger city (which means they have McDonalds! Have I told you McDonalds is such a missionary favorite? It's funny, it's like the most common fast food place in America, but here it's kind of a treat to get to go there. It's even a little pricey in Malaysia! Crazy...)

So, Zone Conference is the best, should be fun.Things in Tawau are going pretty well too. We've entered a little bit of a tougher period, a lot of our most promising investigators either dropped us or came up with some problems that will probably keep them getting baptized for a while (husband doesn't want them to be baptized, busy the entire month of June, Leaving three months for National Service, etc.), but we have one bright shining ray of hope. The other day Elder Stewart contacted a guy while we were just on our way out of the house who turns out to be from Sarawak, which is pretty fun. Anyway, we got an appointment with him and it turns out (so far) he's completely golden. His name is ***, and we put him on baptismal date yesterday at our second meeting with him. He's a really sincere, awesome guy, very accepting and sounds pretty committed to learning and coming to church. It looks like he's even going to kick a smoking problem in three days so he can be baptized by the date we set (he'll need your prayers for that! :D). He's just totally full of faith, really confident he can do it and we are too. Elder Stewart actually just mentioned the Word of Wisdom to him at church this last week, asked him if he'd be willing to start to stop smoking, and he totally accepted it. He went from 20 everyday to only 4 yesterday, and we're planning on helping him be done for good by the end of the week. It's gonna take a lot of faith, but things look really good so far.

So, in short, things are looking pretty optimistic. Elder Stewart and I are feeling good and working hard, which mean great success is right around the corner!

Love you all so much, thanks so much for all your support!

Love you!

Elder Blissett

P.S. We're wearing nametags now! Can you believe it? We just had a policy change recently, so, everyday we're getting to be just a little bit more like all the other missionaries in the world. It's a really good thing though, I think it's great to see us "come forth out of obscurity" a little bit.

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