Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Me with my nametag and good old Kitab Mormon. I realized you hadn't seen a picture of any of that yet, but thought a picture without some person in it would be kind of boring. So, I put myself in there too!

Chowing down on some delicious Indian food. I'm actually pretty proud of my eating-by-hand technique. It's actually more complicated than just grabbing the food and shoving it in your mouth. You have to use your first four fingers like a spoon, and then use your thumb to push the food off your hand and into your mouth. Very delicate, very graceful.

A picture of Elder Hall and I with the birthday cake Sister Chris/President Yap got for me. A very good birthday!

This is my companion Elder Hall (he's from North Ogden by the way, but going to BYU) in front of the door of our apartment. I guess a bunch of members decorated it for the new year, and we decided to leave it all up at least through Chinese New Year, which is a very huge deal and is coming up in the middle of February.

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