Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Halo Keluargaku

So, the rumors are true. The food here in Ipoh is amazing. Really, probably some of the very best in the whole world. I was telling that to one of the members here the other day, at first as kind of a joke, but once I started to think about it, I think I really believe it! Seriously, every bit as good as Greek food or Italian or anything else. Really diverse too!

Elder Hall and I have mostly been eating a lot of chinese food lately, but there's also great Indian and Malay food here too. The best part is it's very, very cheap! Best of both worlds. Things have been going great here in Ipoh.

Elder Hall and I were able to have a baptism on Saturday, which was a really great way to celebrate my birthday, and a great baptism besides! His name is C ***, and it's been so good to see him start to really make changes in his life. His background isn't the best, but the more we meet with him, the more the gospel seems to be changing his heart. We met with him this week to teach him his first Recent Convert lesson (we teach recent converts all the investigator lessons + 1 more to make sure we can keep working with people even after they're baptized), and he just looked so much happier, more well rested, more motivated and eager to learn more about the gospel. He's bringing his parents to church, trying to get a job, showing his friends a good example and everything else he should be doing. He's still got a lot to learn, but he's doing so much better every time we meet. Very cool to see.

Elder Hall is holding up well. In the mission we have a phrase called "trunky," that describes what happens to missionaries when they think too much about home. They lose their focus, start singing all the old music they used to listen to at home, bend the rules, and, you guessed it, start packing their "trunks." It's kind of funny if you can avoid the frustration of it all. Elder Hall, however, is not the least bit trunky. He's going home the way missionaries should, working hard, staying focused and teaching me a lot. He's only got about three weeks to go, but I can tell we're going to make them count! He's a good Elder for sure!

My birthday went great! President Yap (the branch president here, such an awesome guy and very funny. He's only been a member for about 5 years, and yet, here he is doing a great job leading the church here in Ipoh.) and a really missionary minded member here named Sister Chris took Elder Hall and I out for dinner, made us a cake, and just celebrated with us generally, so it ended up being a really good birthday. Sister Chris even brought us breakfast my birthday morning. It was awesome! They're the best.

Other than that though, it's been a pretty standard week. Still teaching a lot of people, still working hard. Ok! Running out of time for this week with trying to send all the pictures too! But I love you so much. Still safe and happy down here.

Love You! Elder Blissett (Kevin)

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  1. My trainer was trunky when I first arrived in El Paso, and I mostly learned what not to do. :) We were in a flea bitten area of El Paso in a pit rife with cucarachas. I was on a bike and the guy would often take us out of our zone (to his previous zone) where we would have dinner with a family that had a young female dental student. Nothing untoward went on, but it was not a good start to my mission. After a month I was made senior companion to one of my MTC district companions, and we did great things on our bikes...even though he did a head forward over railroad ties...and it really kicked off my mission. LEAD, Kevin Patrick. And respect and love those around you, even when you're bent. At that point the Lord can use you.