Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rice and Curry, and more rice and curry, and more...

Halo Keluargaku,

KL is going great! It's funny, I never thought that I'd grow to love it here so fast, but I really do. This area is absolutely awesome! Elder Peterson and I have been getting along really well and we're having a blast getting a lot of work done here. It's super fun, and I really, really like it here a lot.

Elder Peterson and I had an interesting food-packed New Years day. It all started with Elder Peterson decided that he was finally going to get down to making us curry (which he'd been promising to do pretty much since I got here). Well, that sounded great to me so for lunch I helped him out the best that I could and took some careful mental notes so that I could try and make some of my own a little later (I think I could do it). Well, anyway, it was pretty uneventful and actually really delicious curry. So good I had two plates of rice and curry. Super delicious.

Well, anyway, after lunch we headed out to our appointments for the day, which consisted mostly of following some of our Iban investigators to go and meet their family who live kind of out of range of public transport. Well, anyway, they drove us over and we walked in the house to see that, oh, how nice, they made us some food. And, what's that? It's curry! Hooray! It was actually really good too, so even though I was pretty full from our curry earlier in the afternoon I managed to down another plate of rice and curry along with some of their snacks they always put out. Well, anyway, by this point I'm feeling very full, but nicely satisfied. Moving a little bit more slowly to make sure not to upset anything in my stomach and we moved on to the next house.

So, the people living in the next house we went to had only been there a few days so we were only mildly surprised to see that this visit was actually a house-warming party with... you guessed it, more rice and curry! Well, I'm stuffed so I tried to just avoid the hosts eyes and look really engaged in conversation with other people, but apparently not well enough because within only a few minutes of sitting down, I hear, "Elder, makan! Makan!" (Elder, eat! Eat!). Well, there's one thing you learn in Malaysia, and that's that when an Iban tells you to eat, you don't say know (they're very easy to offend sometimes). So, I dragged myself over and loaded up another plate of rice and curry, feeling like I was going to burst already, but managing to put it down anyway to appease our host.

It was at about that moment that I realized our last appointment of the night would be with an Indian lady right around dinner time... Oh no! Please say she didn't cook for us... She did! And what did she cook? Rice and curry! Hooray!

So, all said and done Elder Peterson and I put down about six to seven healthy servings of rice and curry before the day was over. But it's ok, we kept it down and our Ibans came to church again! So, mission accomplished! Woohoo!

The only other story I wanted to tell you this week happened last night when I went on exchanges with some of the other elders here in KL. They took us over to go meet some of their Nepalese investigators, which was really fun! They were all super friendly and very humble (there was at least 10 people living in an apartment maybe a little bit bigger than the size of our upstairs living room with no furniture to speak of). Anyway, they love to call you "brother" all the time, so, remembering something about Nepal, I asked one of them, "Brother, have you ever seen Mount Everest?"

"Oh yes, I can see Everest from my house."

"Oh wow! You can see Mount Everest from your house?"

"Yes Brother, I can see *two* Everests from my house."

"You can see...?"

So, the secrets out, Nepal is filled with Mount Everests.

So, everything is going awesome here! President and the Zone Leaders from the West Malaysia/Sabah side of the mission came here for one of our monthly Zone Leader Councils on Tuesday which was totally awesome. I love to hear any training we can get from President. He's a very inspired man, and we're super lucky to have him as our President here in Malaysia.

I know the gospel is true! I'm happier out here sharing it with others than I've ever been before. It's been awesome to see it change the lives of others, and I know that the more fully we live it, the happier we are. It's as simple as that!

I love you so much! Thank you all so much for all of your support! Hope you have a great week! Enjoy the snow!

Love you!
Elder Blissett

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