Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lost in Tawau

Halo Keluargaku,

This week turned out pretty well actually despite any setbacks we ran into, one of which quite notably happened on the day President Clark arrived here. So, he actually only ended up meeting with us for a few hours, but the plan was that we would have an appointment set-up, we would do a pre-check before the appointment and then go teach, and afterwards do a review together. Well, due to a lack of really progressing investigators we didn't really have many people we could schedule for the time that he wanted to come here. To add on to the problems one of the few people we were able to schedule backed out on us the day before we needed her. Garbage! Luckily we were able to contact another awesome lady on the bus though and set her up right in the nick of time to bring president.

Well, everything seemed to be kind of coming together until we went out to find this lady's house. I was actually pretty sure I knew from her directions exactly where her house was. Long story short, I didn't. So, after about half a dozen phone calls to her, 50 ringgit in taxis, directions from anyone we could find, and almost an hour of hiking through the wonderful neighborhoods of Tawau, we finally got to this lady's house and had a pretty nice lesson with her. We'd already wasted enough time we didn't really get a chance to do the after lesson review before we had to rush them all off to the airport, but all in all, we survived. We're lucky that President Clark both has a great attitude and is in excellent physical condition or else we really could have been in trouble. What a mess...

The good news is we found an awesome new investigator this last week named T ***. He's a race called "orang menado," which means he comes from a pretty good sized island in Indonesia called Sulawesi, but he's been here in Sabah for a few years already. Anyway, I actually contacted this guy about a month ago, but sort of overlooked him in my list of potential investigators. Well, here we are weeks later teaching a lesson at a home near his house, when he suddenly shows up and sits in on the lesson. He asked us if we'd be willing to come down to his house afterwards where he told us that he'd actually been looking for us since he met me the first time, but his phone didn't have any credit so he couldn't give us a call. Awesome. Anyway, it turns out he's super eager to learn and even came to church the day after we met him, which is awesome. We're really excited about him and it looks like things are going to go really well.

Elder Whittaker and I found a 5 to 6 foot monitor lizard on the road this week! Awesome! We actually managed to chase him against a fence so we were able to get close enough to get some really awesome pictures of him (and stay safe :D ). Ayoh, I might just have to send the pictures next week though, the internet here might be a little too slow to manage it. Anyway, they're awesome! If you look on wikipedia I'm sure you can find some good pictures.

Anyway, that's the week from Tawau. I love you all so much. The church is true. Thanks so much for all your support!

Love you!
Elder Blissett

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