Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An Average Week

This week was... well, pretty average actually. Tawau is getting to be such a roller coaster that it's actually getting hard to say how things are going! We're looking really up one second, really down the other, and then really up again the next. That's a little bit how the whole mission has been so far, but things seemed to have been magnified a little bit. What's not changing though is that Elder Stewart and I are both trying to work as hard as we can, and, regardless of how the teaching pool looks, I think we've been able to keep in pretty high spirits. So, hopefully things will get a little more stable, but even if they don't we'll just do our best and count on the Lord to make up the difference.

My Malay is coming along! It's funny, I think I spent a lot of the first part of my mission concerned that I was never going to learn the language, and now that I've gotten here things seem to be just moving along on their own without me really having to worry about it much at all. So, good news I guess!

I think I've been getting a little bit more used to the food here, or at least Elder Stewart and I are finding better places to eat. It was tough to go from Ipoh (known for having some of the best food in the mission) to Tawau (which is not). But, looking brighter everyday, right?

There's a chapter in Preach My Gospel called Christlike Attributes, that covers 9 attributes of Christ we should strive to develop as missionaries. It's super good, and interesting to realize that striving to become like Christ is really kind of just a road map to how to be truly happy. Isn't is funny to think it's that simple, but that's really kind of all that matters in life. The world puts emphasis on so many things that seem to matter so much right now, when really, in the end we'll just be taking ourselves and our families to the Celestial Kingdom. It's a nice wake up call.

OK, I love you all so much! I'm doing well. Still happy. Pray for the work to move forward here in Tawau, we could definitely use a little extra help.

Love you so much! Talk to you soon!

Elder Blissett

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