Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another New Companion!

Halo Keluargaku,

Nama Berita Dek? (How are you?)

You'll have to forgive the Iban, but I just have Sarawak on the brain after, you guessed it (or maybe you didn't), my new companion arrived here fresh from Sarawak, East Malaysia. New companion you say, but didn't you just get a new companion? Funny how that works, but I'm begining to learn that missionary transfers are *completely* impossible to predict.

So, the rumors are true, after an incredible seven days with Elder Watkins he was emergency transferred to KL to take the place of another Elder with a foot injury there. So, just when you're getting used to the idea of my companion being Elder Watkins, I'm now with Elder Porter from beautiful Delta, Utah. Crazy, huh?

So, as of Monday evening I'm officially with my sixth companion in five months (including the MTC). I think it would be pretty standard for most people to have around eight companions their whole mission. Still just blows my mind everytime I think about it. It's been a good, really cool experience, but it's a surprise every time.

So, Elder Porter, he's a really great guy. Very tall and muscular (he's on a full-ride wresteling scholarship to UVU), which makes him stick out quite a lot here in Malaysia, but I think makes me look even a little more Malaysian sized, so it's good. Did I ever tell you I was Malaysian sized? It's true! Most of them are a bit skinnier than me, but pretty commonly right around my height. Good to find a place where I fit in!

So, like I said before, Elder Porter has spent the last 6 months in Sarawak in a little bitty town called Sibu. He's kind of had a bit of culture shock coming back over here to West Malaysia where people have furniture and cars, but I think we're really going to be able to work well together. If this week is any indication, it's going to be a pretty fruitful companionship.

In the one week that Elder Watkins was here we actually just started to have really awesome success. Multiple people have started showing up who are just really prepared to hear the gospel. One is a guard named M*** who just happened to start working at our apartment complex a few weeks ago. We didn't meet him until we were going over to meet with the Dabels for district meeting and he called out after us, "Hey, are you from the Church of Jesus Christ?" When we finished the meeting, there he was again to meet us and ask more questions. It turns out he actually went to the church in Australia at least one time, is very familiar with the Joseph Smith story, just sort of recently become Christian and is looking for more of the truth. He's a perfect investigator!

Later that week, a member here took us to a small town about 30 minutes south of here called Batu Gajah, where there just happens to be a whole family who really want to learn because the father said he just couldn't feel the spirit at his church. After coming only one week, he said to us, "Yes, I'll be coming back every week." Wah! There's rumors all over the place of a lot more people in Batu Gajah who want to learn. I feel like in the somewhat near future there could even be enough members down there to start a group. Very exciting.

So, things are looking up. Crazy everyday, always changing, but definitely looking up!

I forgot to tell you about Chinese New Year! It was great! Bigger than Christmas I think, and people will actually continue to celebrate for the next two weeks. So, as far as I can gather, the first day is just for family gatherings, but after that it's open house after open house where everyone just offers you little snacks. Lots of snacks added up though means you're very full all day. And Ang Pow of course! Those wonderful little red envelopes filled with money married people give to single people. What a nice tradition, huh? :D

So, everything's going really well here. Elder Nelson is coming to KL next week for a mission tour, so we'll be going down there Monday through Wednesday! Awesome!

Ok, Aku sayang kamu semua banyak (I love you all a lot!), so happy to hear everything is going well. I'm doing well and the work is doing better!

Talk to you soon! Love you!

-Elder Blissett (Kevin)

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  1. Chinese New Year is insane, as you know. I mean, here in China I hear fireworks at ALL hours for about two weeks, which is why I generally try to leave the country during the festivities. :)

    Why several companions?

    Be bold and unashamed. Shortly after I went to the mission office, I was on splits in El Paso with a new missionary, and I said, "Look, we need to stop beating around the bush and honor our calling. Let's tell people exactly what we are called here to do which is to teach them the gospel and baptize them." I don't know if I recommend this or not (it came on suddenly), but we knocked on doors and said, "We are representatives of Jesus Christ and He has sent us here to teach you about Him and baptize you into His Church so that you and your family can live with him forever." That day alone, we received 10 commitments for baptism of whom half were baptized later that month. I called the mission president that night and said that this is what we need to do. Thirty baptisms came out of a five day trip by the end of the month. I was instructed to talk to the missionaries in a general mission meeting, and baptisms increased by (and I hate using quotas and percentages where souls are concerned) 30% over the next two months before I left.

    Look, I wasn't in control. I did was I was prompted to do and many people came to Christ's Church--in fact two people who were baptized during that time our friends of mine on Facebook. Be bold and do what the Spirit suggests to you.

    You are among a great people who are ready for the gospel.