Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Year!

Halo Keluarga Aku! Macammana?

Well, we're still reeling here from the after Christmas release. It's such an awesome holiday, but it definitely comes with a lot of plans, excitement, occasional stress and tomfoolery that it always makes it a little weird to go back to normal life. It ended up being so good here even though most of the country really doesn't celebrate. Getting to call home was really the highlight of the day though. So good to hear from you all! Well, it feels like this week just got started, but it's actually going really well so far. Maybe I'll tell you about it backwards since that's easiest for me to remember!

On Sunday we attended all of our wards in one day for the last time. Right now, we have two wards that meet at 9 and one that meets at 2, so, so far Elder Merrill and I have been able to go on splits with members to make the two in the morning, and then both go to afternoon church later. For the new year though, almost all the local Singaporean wards are switching to 9 o'clock, which means we're going to have to miss at least one of our wards at least once a month. What a mess, huh?

We also found out that the Filipino ward that meets here is being changed to become a Filipino non-Permanent Residents ward. All the PRs are being moved to the local wards, which is actually going to be a huge change. There are a lot of Filipinos here (that ward was huge), so it looks like all the local wards are going to be getting a big influx for the new year. It will be a really good change in the end though I think.

Both of our baptisms went through on Saturday! So, so good! S.H. ***and H.Y. ***were both baptized by their home teacher, which was really, really awesome. So good to see people make those simple right choices that will bless their lives forever. They just both looked so happy afterwards too. It was awesome. It turned out to be a really good week for the whole mission actually! We were able to have the most baptisms this last week we've had since the mission split 2 years ago. So very exciting! Definitely a good way to end the year. So good to be able to be out here doing this work that blesses people forever.

Everything else is going really well. I think Elder Klemm and I are going to go visit an art museum later today, which should be really good! I'm doing great though! Bahagia (happy), Sihat (healthy), dan kerja keras (and working hard)!

I love you so much! Glad you're feeling better! Talk to you soon!

Elder Blissett (Kevin)

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