Thursday, October 15, 2009


Halo Kelaurga Saya,

So! I put the word of the day in my subject line, 'sakit,' which unfortunately means 'sick.' I've come down with kind of a nasty cold/cough/virus something in the last few days, so, no good there. This is the second time I've gotten kind of sick here so far. Some people just have all the luck, huh? Anyway, I figure this just means my immune system is gearing up for swine flu, so, good news right! Unfortunately, I may be sleeping during the time I normally write letters home to everyone, so, if you wrote me and don't get a letter back this week, sorry! I'll do my best! (P.S. Did you know that you're supposed to change your toothbrush once a month to prevent disease? I'd never heard that before, but the doctor gave me a slip of paper when I went in with that advice. I think that's what I'll blame for all of this...)

Other than that, the week has actually gone pretty well! I feel like I'm learning so much every week and growing faster than I ever have before. I've really been working on learning to rely on the Lord and the change it's brought to the way I approach my teaching is pretty awesome. I just feel like I'm doing the right thing almost all the time now. Awesome, huh? A mission is definitely a one of a kind experience.

We've finally gotten to week six. We're finally those guys that people say just have a little bit of time left! How great is that? I can't tell you how ready I feel to just hop on the plane and head out to Singapore/Malaysia. I've gained a lot of appreciation for the MTC, but it just kind of feels like the step before the real thing, you know? Our teaching has really progressed and we may actually teach real investigators this Saturday, which is very, very stressful, but also pretty awesome. We've gotten to the point in our practice teaching now where we're extending baptismal commitments, but I don't think I'll be giving that a shot this weekend! Who knows though, right? :)

Anyway, I'm still loving the work and I'm actually picking up some other skills along the way. We've got about fifteen minutes kind of to ourselves every night and I've been learning to juggle. I can actually do it now, which, although maybe a little frivolous, is a great stress reliever after having class all day.

We marked a few hours every day in our class for SYL/BBK (Speak Your Language/Berbicara Bahasa Kamu), where we have to speak entirely in Indonesian. Anyone who speaks English has a penalty like singing this funny Indonesian song called "the happy song." It's even got some ridiculous actions, so although it's truly embarrassing for those performing, it's awfully fun to watch.

Oh! I forgot to give you guys the latest Lucu update. I know you're all sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for it. So, the other day Lucu started to leak a lot so we decided to fill him with playdo as well as his gel so he didn't look so flat. Brother Leo stole him though and he actually exploded in his bag (that's what he gets)! Anyway, we were able to recover him, and he was looking ok. He'd developed this huge playdo-gel scab over his hole so he wasn't really leaking that much. Well, the other day I was trying to hang up my jacket and accidently knocked him off his roost. I reflexively tried to catch him, but unfortunately just smashed him against my leg, where he exploded an realeased the foulest, rottenest substance I think I've ever had the displeasure of being around, all over my leg. It was very, very nasty and I've now firmly committed to being the first one to sacrifice him at the end of our MTC stay. Nasty creature. :)

Well, not a whole lot of news this week! Can't wait until I can tell you all about travel plans next week! Thanks again so much for writing and sending stuff and everything. I really, really appreciate it!

Dengan Kasih dan Hormat,
Elder Blissett (Kevin)

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  1. I actually was wondering what had happened to Lucu. Even considered sending a "replacement" of one of the little guys that Emmaline makes of pinecones! =) Heard of replacing a toothbrush every 3 months, but not every month. I think you could also just put it in boiling water once a month. I usually do that when we are sick. Hope you feel better soon!