Thursday, September 3, 2009

Options for sending letters

Posted by Georgia:

Hello everyone! Should you wish to send a letter to Kevin (and I hope you will), you may use his address in the column on the right. Another option is to use the website This is a free service when you are sending a letter to someone in the Provo MTC. You submit your letter electronically and they print and deliver it. This means you don't have to hand write your letter or go to the trouble of mailing it. If you submit the letter by noon MST, it is delivered to him the same day.

You may also use the website to mail letters to him once he is in Singapore or Malaysia. There is no "pouch" service there, so you do need to pay the cost of a stamp. You just sign up for an account on the website to pay.

I'll be posting Kevin's letters on this blog while he is on his mission. He won't be able to access the blog to see any comments, but feel free to make comments and I'll print them out and mail them to him.

Kevin is safely in the MTC! Everything went well and he was very excited to go.

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